Legendari: Obsidious Deluxe Action Figure

Legendari: Obsidious Deluxe Action Figure

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Product Description:

Obsidius, formerly Technis Kor-Se-Vak, an agent of the SKA clan, was presumed dead after discovering an Aeon repository in a treacherous region called the 'Zombie Nebula'. These hidden chambers, believed to contain ancient Aeon artifacts, turned out to be an arsenal where the Aeon locked away dangerous alien weapons. Among them was the Dread Scythe, crafted from the ebony bones of a dragon-like creature, called a Voidreaver. Upon touching it, Kor fell under its influence, becoming bonded with the scythe. It granted him chitinous obsidian armor and the ability to manipulate space-time, but only by consuming the souls of his victims.

"MetaTravelers: Legendari" unveils an expansive new universe of characters with rich lore and interconnected storylines. With each story crafted in collaboration with the creator of the "Guardians of the Galaxy" and each figure designed and engineered by Four Horsemen Studios, this first edition features a rich collection of action figures. Each figure stands 7 inches tall, features up to 29 points of articulation, and comes with various interchangeable parts and accessories.

Product Features:

  • ●  1/10 Scale

  • ●  Highly detailed

  • ●  Premium Articulation

  • ●  Soft and Hard Plastics

  • ●  Premium Soft goods

  • ●  Interchangeable Accessories

    Box Contents:

  • ●  Obsidious Figure

  • ●  4 Pairs of hands

  • ●  “Dread Scythe” Staff

  • ●  Poseable softgood cape with wire inserts

  • ●  Chest plate

  • ●  Loin cloth