Legendari: Prime Action Figure

Legendari: Prime Action Figure

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Product Description:

A seasoned soldier, Prime stands as a beacon of discipline and order in the chaotic battlefield of the Multiverse. His unwavering loyalty shines through in every command and his steady hand guides his comrades through the chaos of war.

"MetaTravelers: Legendari" unveils an expansive new universe of characters with rich lore and interconnected storylines. With each story crafted in collaboration with the creator of the "Guardians of the Galaxy" and each figure designed and engineered by Four Horsemen Studios, this first edition features a rich collection of action figures. Each figure stands 7 inches tall, features up to 29 points of articulation, and comes with various interchangeable parts and accessories.

Product Features:

  • ●  1/10 Scale

  • ●  Highly detailed

  • ●  Premium Articulation

  • ●  Made of Plastic

  • ●  Interchangeable Accessories

    Box Contents:

  • ●  Crimson Enforcer Figure

  • ●  4 Pairs of hands

  • ●  Wrist guards

  • ●  Shin guards

  • ●  Chest plate